Paryushan MahaParva, what is?

“Ba, I met Veer at school today and he was talking about Pary…um….shan starting. What is Pary…shan?” “Nihir beta, Veer was talking about Paryushan. પ  is for Paryushan.  And according to Sanskrit grammar the underlying idea of the festival and its interpretation is given below: “Parismantadushayante dhante karmani yasimannasau paryushnm” a.k.a. the celebration through which … Continue reading Paryushan MahaParva, what is?


KHICHDI So what is it? Khichdi a popular food dish in Gujarat, India and is made with rice and lentils and has many variations, like adding vegetables to make it a one pot meal. The word Khichdi is derived from the sanskrit word ‘Khicca’. It is an ancient food. To read more about it’s history, … Continue reading Khichdi

Maybe 3 bears

Once upon a time in Hemis National Park, Ladakh, India, lived 2 Brown bears , Chikoo, and Shakar Teti. The 2 brown bears live in a special cave dug in earth that their friend, Rinch a.k.a bear had found for them. It was special indeed, it was under the tall Poplar and colorful Willow trees. It had … Continue reading Maybe 3 bears

Mountain and Tree Poses, Pranayam

Breathing: Pranayam: Ancient Indian texts define Prana as the vital life force or energy, distinguishing the living from the non living including the dead which flows through “nadis [subtle energy channel]” and “chakras [energy centers]”. It is supported by rest, food, breathing and calm mind. Ancient Indians observed that the quality of breath affected the … Continue reading Mountain and Tree Poses, Pranayam

Making steamed rice and lentil cakes aka Dhokla and mango pickle aka Chundo

Making chundo, felt laborious when I was helping my mom as a tween, in Mumbai, India. But home made chundo from the best ingredients and with the sweat of love tasted the best. Summer vacations were spent helping mom grate raw, green mangoes. listening to mom’s stories about her childhood, filling up many tapelas [vessels], … Continue reading Making steamed rice and lentil cakes aka Dhokla and mango pickle aka Chundo